School Resource Officer

School Resource Officer Hey

As most people know the Police Department has recently teamed up with the Hollister R-V School District to bring a certified School Resource Officer (SRO) into the schools. The process to bring an officer into the schools has taken some time and with Officer Randall Hey's first year coming to a close it has proven to be very successful. As some of you may recognize Officer Hey's name, before becoming the schools SRO, he had the opportunity to teach D.A.R.E. to the 5th and 6th graders, which he still does today. What does the SRO do? I can imagine that there are a lot of parents that are unsure of what the SRO actually does. The SRO is of course a full time sworn police officer for the City of Hollister. He is governed by all laws, regulations, and policies that any other Hollister police officer is governed by. He also has to abide by school policy.

The SRO has the duties of law related counselor and educator. As a law related counselor there may be times that a teacher or a member of the school staff will call upon the SRO to help with resolving a conflict. Parents may seek information from the SRO if they suspect their child may be experiencing with drugs or alcohol or if they suspect their child is being bullied at school. Many times students will just want someone to talk to about problems that they are experiencing, and the SRO can act as another caring adult in the school building who works to find positive solutions for young people. As a law related educator the SRO will have contact with most students in a school. The SRO can serve as a resource to school staff in the sharing of their experience and expertise. The SRO is often called into a classroom as a guest speaker to talk about law related topics, drug and alcohol prevention, criminal law topics as they relate to the students and school staff, and can at times be an extension of the other school staff in reinforcing school curriculum and policy. By allowing the SRO into the classroom the SRO is given the opportunity to interact with students and discuss law-related issues. The contact that the SRO has with students in the classroom is a positive learning experience. So you see the SRO does much more than just walk around the schools doing what he can to make sure your child has a safe, positive, and productive day at school. The SRO is there for anyone who has a vested interest in the school and he will do what he can to answer or find the answer to any question(s) you may have.