Municipal Court

Municipal Court

Alicia Smith
Court Clerk
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Hours:  8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

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The Municipal Court is located in City Hall, 312 Esplanade Street.

The Municipal Court for the City of Hollister is a division of the Circuit Court of Taney County, 46th Judicial Circuit.  Cases in municipal court involve alleged violations of municipal ordinances of the City of Hollister.  If you receive a ticket/summons for a municipal violation, you have certain rights and responsibilities.

If you have any legal questions regarding your case you need to contact a private attorney.  The municipal court staff cannot give you legal advice.


Your summons requires you to appear in person before the Municipal Court of Hollister, Missouri on the date and time indicated on your ticket, unless you wish to plead guilty in writing and pay your fine and costs by mail or at the Court office prior to your court date.

Only those violations listed may be paid by mail.  You must appear in court if you were involved in an accident.  If your violation is listed and you wish to plead guilty without coming to court, follow these steps:

  1. Sign your name to the appearance, plea of guilty, and waiver on the back of the ticket.
  2. Include your payment (money order or check) made payable to :  Hollister Municipal Court
  3. Enclose the ticket and your payment in an envelope and mail to:  Hollister Municipal Court, PO Box 638, Hollister, MO 65673 or pay in person at 312 Esplanade Street in Hollister.
  4. Payment must be received prior to 4:00 PM on your court date.
If it is your intention to plead not guilty to the violation, you must appear in court on the date and time indicated on your summons.

WARNING: A warrant will be issued for your arrest and/or a suspension of your driver's license will occur if you fail to appear in court or your payment has not been received by your scheduled appearance date.